More Information About Pricing of Cuban Collection Cement Tile

As with most cement tile, the number of colors and in some cases, the complexity of the pattern, will effect the price of our tile. This is because Cuban Tile is a hand made product and each individual color area is poured by hand, separately.

Prices shown are the base price for a relatively small order. As the size of your order increases, the cost of your tile will come down at set thresholds.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry of price, sample or delivery. Please include the est. size of the order, designate sq ft, sqM or number of tiles, expected installation date and delivery details.


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Size and Dimensions of Cement Tile

Cuban Collection cement tiles are the old-world standard of 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) square. It takes 2.3 tiles per sq ft., for example, ...100 sq ft is 100 x 2.3 =230 tiles.

The Border Edge and Corner tiles are also 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) square, even though they may look rectangle in some instances.

If you want to print out some graph paper gridded in 8" squares, click here. Hint: Tape together two or more sheets for larger layouts. This is really handy for border layouts. Just use colored markers on  your graph paper to mark out field tile and borders.


Villa Lagoon Tile also provides a wide range of sizes and shapes of cement tile in SOLIDS and PATTERNS  


Standard sizes of cement tile
Standard Sizes of Cement Tile


vintage Cuban travel posterFrequently Asked Questions about Cuban Collection Cement Tiles


Are these tiles genuine Cuban Tiles ?

This collection of tiles represents patterns and colorways documented in our travels to Cuba. For many years wonderful cement tiles were made in Cuba, right up until the revolution. So many cement tiles were imported from Cuba into south Florida that they are all known as "Cuban Tile" there. Currently there are only a handful of people beginning to make cement tiles again in Cuba, certainly not enough for export.  You can read about the history of cement tile in Cuba here. We picked our patterns from the many common and unusual cement tile designs that we documented in Cuba and we make them in our own studios which are known for  superior quality.

Are cement tiles great for everyone ?

No. Some people are better off with machine-made tiles. Cement tiles are hand made, one at a time, and have surface imperfections, color variations, and slight color runs. Colors are dependent on the natural pigments, and as everything in nature, the color deposits change depending on the source. Cement tiles are not perfect and may have chipped edges, nicks and variations in texture or composition. There are no guarantees made against fine cracks, also known as crazing, that may develop in the tile's surface, it is part of the charm. Also for some people, it is difficult to locate tile installers with experience with cement tile or even tilesetters  with good craftsmanship. All cement tile installations must be sealed. and periodically re-sealed. Cement tiles must treated like marble and care must be taken both during installation and in use. 

If you think your foors will be subject to very heavy use or even abuse, consider using our Cuban Collection Cement Tiles on the walls or backsplash instead. This way you get the charm and atmosphere without the extra care that cement floor tiles can require. 

What is your minimum order ?

  • In-Stock Cuban Collection Cement Tile
    • Standard minimum order is 30 square feet. Mix any solids and patterns, whole boxes only.
    • Some Cuban Collection Cement Tile will be In-Stock, call to ck, 251-968-3375
  • Custom Cuban Collection Cement Tile 
    • Minimum order is 50 square feet.
    • Small-order charge of 20% applies for items below 100 square feet.


How long will it take for me to get my tiles if I order ?

If it is in stock tile, we ship usually within a couple of days following payment.  Custom orders require approximately 10-12 weeks. Custom tile is made to order for you, and ship direct from the factory.

If you have a firm schedule, please contact us as early as possible with the size and location of your project installation, and some of the options you are interested in. Based on our experience, we have seen several scenarios where designers and architects will specify our tile, however by the time samples are approved, contractors bid on the job and are hired, and finally the contractor contacts us to order, there is far too little time remaining to produce the tile, and plans must be altered at the last minute.

May I order a sample tile to see how it really looks in person?

Yes. We have most of our Cuban Collection tiles on hand and can ship you a sample.

We can also have custom color samples tile made, if your schedule allows (this can take a couple of  weeks).

May I customize my colors in a Cuban Collection tile ?

Yes. We have all of our Cuban Collection tiles in our Tile Design Tool. You may try different color combintions and send us a PDF that the tool can create that shows your design and the colors you used. We are happy to give you a quote for your custom tile once we have all the details. The tile patterns are in the tool alphabetically by name. 

How are my tiles shipped ?

Your tiles will arrive on a pallet unless it is a very small order. If on a pallet, the delivery is curbside. You will want to coordinate with the freight co when they contact you for delivery on a dry day. Do not let the boxes get wet, store indoors. Outdoor storage can result in condensation which can cause the boxes to stain the tiles or efflorescence to occur in your tiles. 


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