More Information About Pricing of Cuban Collection Cement Tile

As with most cement tile, the number of colors and in some cases, the complexity of the pattern, will effect the price of our tile. This is because Cuban Tile is a hand made product and each individual color area is poured by hand, separately.

Prices shown are the base price for a relatively small order. As the size of your order increases, the cost of your tile will come down at set thresholds.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry of price, sample or delivery. Please include the est. size of the order, designate sq ft, sqM or number of tiles, expected installation date and delivery details.


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Size and Dimensions of Cement Tile

Cuban Collection cement tiles are the old-world standard of 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) square. It takes 2.3 tiles per sq ft., for example, ...100 sq ft is 100 x 2.3 =230 tiles.

The Border Edge and Corner tiles are also 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) square, even though they may look rectangle in some instances.

If you want to print out some graph paper gridded in 8" squares, click here. Hint: Tape together two or more sheets for larger layouts. This is really handy for border layouts. Just use colored markers on  your graph paper to mark out field tile and borders.


Villa Lagoon Tile also provides a wide range of sizes and shapes of cement tile in SOLIDS and PATTERNS  


Standard sizes of cement tile
Standard Sizes of Cement Tile


Vintage Cuban travel posterTerms & Conditions for Cuban Collection Cement Tiles



  • Full Payment for tile is due with order, unless otherwise specified.
  • PayPal offers an installment payment plan, ask us for details. 
  • All sales are final. No returns. Inspect your tile immediately upon delivery. Report any irregularities within one week.
  • A signed copy of the final invoice is required to proceed with the order.
  • Order volume is a factor in pricing. Prices shown may not be valid for lesser quantities of the same tile. Conversley large orders can bring down the price per tile !!!
  • All pricing is quoted and payable in United States currency (USD), unless otherwise specified.



  • Freight is arranged as a courtesy, however clients are welcome to arrange their own freight.
  • We will arrange to have the carrier contact you to schedule delivery.
  • Freight is by common carrier and is curb-side delivery on a paved road (no inside delivery). Please let us know if you are aware of any factors that may impede a tractor-trailer or truck delivery to your location. 
  • If we receive back-charges from the freight company for additional services at delivery, failure to be present for scheduled delivery, or storage at the local terminal, etc., these extra charges will be invoiced to you.
  • Paid orders shipping from our warehouse may be held fee-free for up to 14 days. After that point, we may charge a storage fee up to $1 per calendar day per pallet. All fees must be paid before tile is released for shipment.
  • After 90 days, we reserve the right to return tiles to our inventory, and provide a refund minus applicable fees.
  • Custom orders shipping to other points of entry may not be held beyond the last “free day” for the applicable port. An inability to accept delivery may incur additional fees.



  • Estimated delivery dates are not valid for claims or delay claim purposes.
  • We do our best to provide the best estimate for delivery but cannot be held responsible for delays caused by weather, trucking schedules, customs examinations, or other events out of our control.
  • When the pallet of tile arrives; check for external damage with the driver present. External damages do not always mean the tile has been damaged.
  • Check the top of the pallet to see if it looks like it has had something stacked on it during transit. Note this and all evidence of damage on driver's paperwork.
  • If there appears to be damage, inspect the boxes for damaged tiles. Take digital photos. Note all damages on the driver's paperwork.
  • The tile must be inspected promptly and any damage reported to us within 3 days.
  • We have one week to file a claim with the freight company; no claim is possible after that time.
  • Retain packaging from broken tile. The carrier may send out an agent to view it.
  • Any damage must be noted on the driver's paperwork. Take digital photos. Contact Villa Lagoon Tile immediately 251-968-3375.


About Cement Tile

  • Tile orders are non-refundable and non-returnable so we encourage our clients to order a sample tile. This helps clients to know what to expect and prevent any disappointments.
  • Expect tonal variations of color in any batch of tile. This is the nature of hand-crafted cement products. Variations in color tone are not valid for claims or refunds.
  • Cement tile must be stored indoors until time of installation. Storing outdoors or in a covered shed may result in stained or discolored tiles.
  • All tile must be examined by buyer before installation. Villa Lagoon Tile shall not be responsible or liable for any complaint or claim after the installation.
  • All cement tiles are very porous and MUST be sealed. Cement tile will not show its final brilliant colors until it is sealed. We have painstakingly tested the best grout release / sealers to provide for the long-term preservation of the tiles.


Thank you for your business. We hope you love your Cuban Collection tiles !