More Information About Pricing of Cuban Collection Cement Tile

As with most cement tile, the number of colors and in some cases, the complexity of the pattern, will effect the price of our tile. This is because Cuban Tile is a hand made product and each individual color area is poured by hand, separately.

Prices shown are the base price for a relatively small order. As the size of your order increases, the cost of your tile will come down at set thresholds.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry of price, sample or delivery. Please include the est. size of the order, designate sq ft, sqM or number of tiles, expected installation date and delivery details.


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Size and Dimensions of Cement Tile

Cuban Collection cement tiles are the old-world standard of 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) square. It takes 2.3 tiles per sq ft., for example, ...100 sq ft is 100 x 2.3 =230 tiles.

The Border Edge and Corner tiles are also 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) square, even though they may look rectangle in some instances.

If you want to print out some graph paper gridded in 8" squares, click here. Hint: Tape together two or more sheets for larger layouts. This is really handy for border layouts. Just use colored markers on  your graph paper to mark out field tile and borders.


Villa Lagoon Tile also provides a wide range of sizes and shapes of cement tile in SOLIDS and PATTERNS  


Standard sizes of cement tile
Standard Sizes of Cement Tile


Son Cubano C2

Son Cubano C2
$7.29 / Piece

The SON CUBANO "C2" pattern is light and happy in these beach-y colors. This Cuban seashore tile has the look of sea-glass that has washed up on the shore. You can use our Tile Design Tool to try out your own choice of colors too.

  (Have you noticed our tile names are Cuban music dance names ?) 

Download a Printable (pdf) Tearsheet of SON CUBANO "C2" Cuban Cement Tile. 

You can order matching SOLID COLOR CEMENT TILE for borders and adjacent areas--just call or email us. 

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Tiles Per Box
Colors in this tile
  • Green Apple
  • Sea Glass
  • Dark Seaweed
  • Patina
Size of Room (feet)



Sq. Ft. Needed
With 10% Overage
Cost of Tile