Cuban Collection -- Cement Tile General Information

Our cement tiles are durable tiles are made from a centuries old process. These tiles are made from marble and Portland cement and natural mineral pigments. Each tile is hand made individually and is a work of art. There will always be slight subtle variations tile-to-tile and that is a part of their charm. The Cuban Collection cement tiles are made in three layers. They are made face-down against a very smooth, polished steel plate and they receive intense pressure from a mechanical hydraulic press while still in the mold.  The pressed tiles are gently removed from the mold then each tile is soaked in water so it can receive the necessary water for the cement to become wet and then harden in racks and they cure naturally land slowly like all concrete does.

Cement tiles are not fired and for this reason, and others, they are considered an ecologically sound choice for your project.

How We Make the Patterns in Cement Tile

cement tile color sepertor

Every different pattern tile we made requires a color separator to hold each color as it is poured into the mold. These beautiful handcrafted molds are precision made to be used for thousands of tiles. A liquid slurry of ground marble, cement and pigments is poured in the mold first, each color in its appropriate openings. The more colors and the more intricate the pattern the longer it takes. A seasoned craftsman can make about 100 tiles per day. This gives you some idea of the difference in a hand crafted product and a machine made tile from a factory making thousands per hour.

This photo of our color separator is for our HABANERO pattern.