More Information About Pricing of Cuban Collection Cement Tile

As with most cement tile, the number of colors and in some cases, the complexity of the pattern, will effect the price of our tile. This is because Cuban Tile is a hand made product and each individual color area is poured by hand, separately.

Prices shown are the base price for a relatively small order. As the size of your order increases, the cost of your tile will come down at set thresholds.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry of price, sample or delivery. Please include the est. size of the order, designate sq ft, sqM or number of tiles, expected installation date and delivery details.


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Size and Dimensions of Cement Tile

Cuban Collection cement tiles are the old-world standard of 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) square. It takes 2.3 tiles per sq ft., for example, ...100 sq ft is 100 x 2.3 =230 tiles.

The Border Edge and Corner tiles are also 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) square, even though they may look rectangle in some instances.

If you want to print out some graph paper gridded in 8" squares, click here. Hint: Tape together two or more sheets for larger layouts. This is really handy for border layouts. Just use colored markers on  your graph paper to mark out field tile and borders.


Villa Lagoon Tile also provides a wide range of sizes and shapes of cement tile in SOLIDS and PATTERNS  


Standard sizes of cement tile
Standard Sizes of Cement Tile


Antique cement tile in Havana in a historic district restaurant.

Colorful cement tile floor in Casa Gaia, a private guesthouse in Havana. Our first night in Cuba.

A close-up of a barber shop floor in Havana. Exuberant floral pattern !

A Havana hotel lobby with a broken elevator. But it has a wonderful black and white cement tile floor.

This front room, called the salon, has cement tile which include the popular Cuban colors of pink and cranberry.

The salon, aka living room, of this home in Havana had cement tile in popular colors. Cubans love pink and cranberry in their tile.

Our CUBANO Cuban Collection pattern. Typical Cuban front living room with a big window out to the street for light and breeze.

A close look at a lovely Cuban tile floor in what was once a handsome home, now divided into apartments.

Lovely cement tile floors in a Cuban home on the town square that is now preserved for visitors.

Cement tile on a front porch with a Cuban flag on display.

This wonderful cement tile floor is at a restaurant in Trinidad, Cuba. It was once a Colonial home, but how houses the delightful Restaurant Bar La Redaccion.

An afternoon shower in Cienfuegos, Cuba. We ducked into a toy shop, as did many others trying to avoid getting drenched.

The hallway in an old home in Havana, Cuba. We wish more clients in the USA would realize the value in having special floors in their halls.

Living room in Cienfuegos, Cuba with cement tile floor

Cuban musicians have gathered down a long cement tile hallway just after a quick rain.

Hallway cement tile in Havana, Cuba. This tile has the popular colors of pink and cranberry.

Interesting antique cement tile in a doorway in Havana, Cuba.

This tile is on an upper floor of a popular old hotel in Havana.

A beautifully color coordinated multi-tile layout in Havana.

A front porch in Havana which shows how well cement tile can do on an exterior location.

Art Nouveau styled floral floor of cement tile in Havana with a double border.

Spotted in Cuba but also in our Tile Design Tool as "Carmen" , a classic pattern. Rocking chairs are in every home in Cuba...maybe we are missing something here in the USA !

Pink is a popular color in Cuba, both in their tile and their exterior colors.

A floral Cuban tile in the front salon. Once again the pinks, cranberry, and greens...a favorite Cuban color combination. This border of trees is especially interesting. The rocking chair rails can be seen on the right, positioned to look out the window.

A well preserved Cuban home in Trinidad with original cement tile floors.

An old home in Trinidad, Cuba with a daisy floral pattern in the floor tiles. Always brings a smile !

Cuban door hardware--wonderful details.

Punta Palace in Cienfuegos, Cuba porch on a beautiful day.

Cuban home on the southern coast. A waterfront home under restoration in Cienfuegos.

Interior of the Ferrer palace home on the town square in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Our MAMBO pattern tile in Havana, Cuba...the same design as in the Palace Palacio Ferrer in Cienfuegos, Cuba.

Elaborate highly detailed cement tile at the Asociación Cultural Yoruba de Cuba, also known as the Museum of Santaria, which is an Afro-Cuban religion.

Old church in Havana area in Cuba.

Examples of Cuban tiles we are happy to make for you.

Antique Cuban tile floor in Cienfuegos, Cuba

A lovely old Cuban home with intact cement tile floors.

Cuban tile showroom in Havana, Cuba

Cuban floral tile floor--favorite colors, pink & cranberry red

A cute puppy followed us into a colonial restaurant on a BOLERO "Autentico" tile floor.

The Colonial Restaurant in Trinidad, Cuba with our BOLERO Cuban tile floor.

SALSA cement tile pattern in Havana, Cuba

TANGO field tile in a courtyard in Cuba

A storeroom in an old mansion in Havana that has been divided up into tiny, dark apartments. This is our DANZA pattern which we think is such a lovely design.

A color separator for our HABANERO pattern which is one design with a lot of detail.

Antique Cuban tile in Cienfuegos, Cuba on the southern coastline

An old Cuban tile floor in a shop which was once a private home.

Art gallery in Havana with great tile floors because it was once a private home.

Cuban architecture has a wonderful elegance and the high ceilings that were meant to help on hot days are a joy.

Our TANGO pattern in a courtyard in Cuba

Our CUBANO pattern in a front room salon in the World Heritage village of Trinidad in Cuba.

Many older N. American cars are lovingly cared for in Cuba.

An older Cuban lady crocheting on a cement tile veranda.

Our Cubop C-2 in this collection.